The Gel Polish.

Our mission at B-GEL isn't to give you another nail polish brand to choose from. Rather, we are dedicated to providing you with the BEST gel polish. Everything about B-GEL is superior to other gel nail products, from our revolutionary one step formulation to our specially designed brush. B-GEL is gel polish done the right way. It’s time for you to join the revolution! Scroll down to read more about B-GEL’s unique features, see our color selection, and to find a salon where B-GEL is available.

Our Products.

There's no lack of variety in the B-GEL palate. Our amazing gel polish comes in 99 different shades. Color selection includes vibrant neon, sparkling glitters, and all of the classic reds, pinks, and blues clients love. Each of our colors is hand picked by industry trend-watchers who have their pulse on the seasons' hottest shades. We also offer a top coat that's ideal for flawless French Manicures. B-GEL colors are guaranteed to make a statement!

Our Special Non Wipe Top Coat.

In order to satisfy to customers’ demand, B-GEL has developed the most amazing top coat ever found in markets before. B-GEL top coat is the NON WIPE TOP COAT. B-GEL top coat can be cured under LED lamp for 1 minute and UV lamp for 1 minute 45 second and its completely dry without the need of alcohol wipe off.

Contact Us.

Are you looking to get a B-GEL manicure? Scroll through the list below and then click on a salon to see their location on the map. Don't see your favorite salon? Talk to your local nail technician or salon owner and tell them that you'd love to see B-GEL as a safe, no-chip manicure option in their establishment!

  • B-GEL Beauty Supply INC
    Linh Quy Plaza
    10515 Bellaire Blvd. Suite Z
    Houston, Texas 77072. United States of America
    Call:(281) 988-8886
    Toll Free: (855) 498-8838
    Fax: (281) 498-8838
  • Rose Nail Beauty Supply
    7/29 John Street
    Cabramatta, NSW 2166. Australia
    Call: (02) 8764 8685
    Mobile: 0415639668 and 0406227689